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 CCNA V4.1 Chapter 10 Essentials

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PostSubyek: CCNA V4.1 Chapter 10 Essentials   Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:54 pm

Which statement is true about the role of stress when troubleshooting customer computer problems?
– Reducing stress helps customers provide more useful information.

Where would legal details be found that describe proper handling of information for a specific customer?
– employee confidentiality agreement

A technician works on a customer computer at the customer site after answering a support call. Which two items should the technician regard as being the property of the customer? (Choose two.)
– customer e-mails
– hard copies of files on the customer desk

What are two examples of situations where a helpdesk call should be escalated to a level-two technician? (Choose two.)
– The computer case must be opened.
– The problem cannot be resolved in less than ten minutes.

Which common feature of helpdesk software allows a technician to control a customer computer from a call center desk?
– remote diagnostics utility

What is the primary responsibility of a level-one helpdesk technician?
– to gather pertinent customer information

Which task would be the responsibility of a level-two technician?
– resolving computer problems that require opening up the computer

For a computer technician, what is the first step in resolving a customer problem?
– speaking directly with the customer

What are two examples of technician interactions with a customer that are considered to be either unethical or illegal? (Choose two.)
– sending chain letters
– sending anonymous e-mails

Why is good communication a critical part of successfully troubleshooting customer problems?
– It helps technicians learn important details from the customer.

While servicing a computer, a technician notices that a document labeled “confidential” is open on the computer. What should the technician do?
– Step away from the computer and ask the user to close the document.

Which two actions are examples of good netiquette? (Choose two.)
– Check grammar and spelling before sending e-mail.
– Use mixed case in e-mail instead of all upper case or all lower case

Which three relaxing techniques can help relieve the stress caused from helping customers in a call center? (Choose three.)
– Go for a quick walk.
– Listen to soothing sounds.
– Practice relaxed breathing.

A computer technician wants to make sure that a customer, who had been experiencing a problem with a hard drive, is satisfied that the problem has been resolved. Which of these rules would help accomplish this desire?
– Follow up with the customer to verify that the problem has been resolved.

A customer calls to complain that another technician was rude to them. In the past, the technician has received many complaints about rudeness regarding this coworker. How should the technician handle this complaint?

- Listen to the complaint, apologize for the incident, and then offer to help the customer.

Where would legal details be found that describe proper handling of information for a specific customer?


Which two techniques should be used when dealing with an inexperienced customer? (Choose two.)
- Use simple step-by-step instructions.
- Speak in plain terms.

Which issue is an example of an exception to an SLA that should be escalated to a manager?
- A customer wants two new computers added to the existing SLA without additional cost.

What is the recommended way to place customers on hold?
- Ask and wait for permission before placing customers on hold.

Which three pieces of information should be given to the next technician when transferring a customer? (Choose three.)
- your name
- ticket number
- customer name

While a technician is listening to a lengthy explanation of a problem, the technician identifies the solution to the problem. How should the technician proceed?
- Wait until the customer has finished speaking, and then explain the possible solution.
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CCNA V4.1 Chapter 10 Essentials
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