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 CCNA V4.1 Chapter 2 Essentials

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PostSubyek: CCNA V4.1 Chapter 2 Essentials   Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:57 am

1 Refer to the exhibit. Which type of tool is shown in the graphic?

digital multimeter

2 A technician has a room of computers which are running very hot. The technician
discovers that the heat sinks in the computers are very dusty. What should the

technician use to clean the heat sinks?

isopropyl alcohol

3 A technician wants to limit the chances of ESD affecting his workspace. Which

three precautions should be taken? (Choose three.)

Ensure antistatic mats are on the workbench and floor.
Wear an antistatic wrist strap.
Keep all components in antistatic bags.

4 Which two tools can help protect against ESD? (Choose two.)

antistatic wrist strap
antistatic mat

5 A technician accidentally spills a cleaning solution on the floor of the workshop.
Where would the technician find instructions on how to properly clean up and
dispose of the product?

the material safety data sheet

6 The performance of a computer is reduced after it has been using the Internet.
Which three tools could be run to try to improve the performance of the computer?

(Choose three.)

Spyware Remover
Disk Cleanup

7 Which tool in Windows XP gives a technician access to initialize disks and create

Disk Management

8 Which tool should be used if a user needs to optimize space on a hard drive?


9 Which two types of tools can help protect a computer from malicious attacks?
(Choose two.)

Anti-virus software
Spyware Remover

10 What is the proper way to dispose of outdated CRTs?

All of the components should be recycled whenever possible.

11 Which condition refers to a reduced voltage level of AC power that lasts for a
period of time?


12 What is recommended to remove dust from inside a computer case?

can of compressed air

13 Which three computer components contain hazardous materials and require

special handling for disposal? (Choose three.)

printer toner cartridges

14 Refer to the exhibit. Which type of tool is presented in the graphic?

Phillips-head screwdriver

15 Which Windows XP command-line utility scans the critical files of the operating

system and replaces any files that have been corrupted?


16 Which precaution should be taken when working around electronic devices?

Avoid using magnetized tools

17 Which step should be performed first when servicing computer equipment?

Turn off and remove the power source.

18 Which condition refers to a sudden increase in voltage, which is usually caused
by lightning?

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CCNA V4.1 Chapter 2 Essentials
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